Varese Ligure (Liguria, North)


Photo by Photo Augustin

Behind the Cinque Terre, Varese Ligure is found within the greenery of the Valley of Vara. Its fame is thanks to Borgo Rotondo, a mercantile and commercial town composed of houses with porticos and painted façades built in a circular formation. The town is protected by the Fieschi castle, an example of fortified architecture from the 1400s, and by the church of SS. Teresa of Avila and Filippo Neri, with a fresco by Gregorio de Ferrrari.

What not to miss
The numerous events among which the festival the places of music, with theatre shows and concerts. The activities connected to outdoor tourism. The numerous organic products, among which cheese, meat and honey.

Why it received the “Orange flag”, seal of tourism and environmental quality
The town is distinguished for the characteristic urban structure (Borgo Rotondo), which is homogenous and well-preserved, for the care and upkeep of the buildings in the historic centre, valorised also through an efficient visitors’ path. The care and upkeep of the urban environment and streets is good and remarkable attention is also given to environmental protection, attested by numerous certificates.

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Main cities: Genova (75 km), Pisa (119 km), Florence (183 km), Bologna (200 km), Milan (205 km)

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