San Leo (Emilia-Romagna, North)


Photo by Municipality

Dante saw the impressive rock of San Leo in 1306 and was dismayed: “But here it would be easier that man flies” he says, not imagining an easier way to get there. Still today, San Leo maintains its character as an inaccessible place, high up on an enormous chalk mass, in perpetual equilibrium with nature, with the two human marks, the village and fortress, occupying the rock. The town surrounds a square with the civic tower, the noble palaces, the church constructed on the place where Saint Leo lived his last years as a hermit, and the Duomo, built so close to the precipice of the rock that it doesn’t have a true façade and you must enter via side doors.

What not to miss
The imposing fortress in a dominating position on the highest point of the rock and with a splendid view of the Marecchia Valley. Within its dungeons count Cagliostro was kept until his death. The Museum of Sacred Art, in the Mediceo Palace. At the end of June, Giullari in Festival. Cagliostro’s Balsam, a liquorice-based liquor make exclusively in San Leo.

Why it received the “Orange flag”, seal of tourism and environmental quality
The town is distinguished for an efficient tourist sign system, for places of accommodation and cuisine and for the important historical-cultural attractions in an excellent state of preservation and perfectly accessible. The harmonious and homogenous historic centre contributes to making the typical atmosphere and the residents’ welcome to visitors is excellent.

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Main cities: Rimini (31 km), Bologna (135 km), Ancona (147 km), Perugia (151 km), Florence (195 km)

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